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zondag 9 oktober 2011

AT&T now offering HTC HD7S for a single penny

It’s not that often to see carriers slashing the prices of their phones. Quite the contrary, usually it’s the third-party retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Wirefly that try to compete by cutting their margins to get customers on board. In that sense, today’s deal is an exception with AT&T offering the HTC HD7S for a single penny. Needless to say, you’re still required to put your signature on a two-year contract, but let’s face it – that’s something you would have to do anyway.
At the moment I’m writing this, the HD7S is still running the original version of the Windows Phone. The Mango update (Windows Phone 7.5) is scheduled to be released around the middle of October when you will (assuming you take advantage of this deal) get all the additional features.
So what do you say? Are willing to grab a Windows Phone for a single cent? If so, make sure act fast as this offer ends on October 11th.

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